Bihar Tourism

In recent years, India with Bihar is showing exceptional growth in tourism industry. The heart of digital marketing lies in the active seeking of information process. Because of digital marketing, customer acquisition and retention has become very easy. There is seen a boost in the business models in the Indian online travel booking industry, since the success of IRCTC’s railway ticket purchase site.

The Bihar online tourism companies extends beyond travel based services to hotel reservations, holiday package bookings etc. In this research paper researchers have studied different digital marketing strategies and analyzed those strategies. Each of the selected travel companies have their unique strategies. How the digital marketing strategies used by the travel companies influence their business has been discussed. After the analysis of the digital marketing strategies, the growth opportunities and the challenges faced by the companies are discussed.

This research is based on secondary database and has a descriptive design. Findings of this research paper will be helpful to tourism industries to design their websites and digital marketing strategies. It will help the companies to implement some more services in their portfolio. The paper will help the companies to understand their competitors and their performance.


Today’s travelers are not what they used to be. Technological development and capabilities have erupted over the past decade and have made significant differences in all industries, including tourism. As a result, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding what the future will look like for industry players today. This malleability is fantastic, but the unknown can be nerve-wracking.

Such widespread changes over several industries give rise to changes down to the finest details of each industry, including digital marketing strategies. If you’re struggling to come up with clear ideas on how to plan your marketing with tons of new avenues all over the place, don’t worry — that’s what we’re here to help with!

In order to orient yourself with the digital marketing trends in the tourism industry, consider what sort of input tourists receive along their journey.