Social Media Optimization (SMO) : Definition, Strategies, Benefits

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

When talking about social media optimization, you cannot do without talking about search engine optimization as well. And that is because both works together and are interrelated. While SEO refers to optimizing your content on search engines like Google, SMO focuses on you optimizing your content on social media.

There are different kinds of social media optimization as well as various tools that can be used. This article will cover all the basic details you need to know about social media optimization.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Definition

SMO, which is also called Social Media Optimization refers to a digital marketing process whereby you can increase your visibility online. You create more awareness for your brand’s products or services. The overall goal is to generate more traffic to your website via your social media pages. The focus is on you gaining more engagements for social media content. One striking difference between SEO and SMO is this; SEO is done in a bid to get you ranking on a search engine’s first page, while SMO focuses on optimization done to encourage more sharing of your website’s link across social media.

SMO content covers a lot of things; from plain written text, to high quality images or videos. Common ways of engaging in social media posts includes; liking the post, commenting under the post, retweeting etc.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Strategies

Social media optimization have strategies and techniques which when used, makes it all the more effective. When you duly apply the strategies properly, you get more results. These strategies will help you  drive organic traffic to your social media pages.

Use Keywords

Just like SEO, you will need keywords for your SMO. And not just any random keywords, you will need to focus on specific keywords which are peculiar to your niche and perform well. Your keywords use, as well as your social media page must be in sync; that is how to optimize your social media page using keywords.

What you must do is ensure your major keywords are spread generously all through your page. This includes your profile or ‘about’, your page name or username, your company’s information, details etc. However, be careful to apply keywords in ways that make it look natural. The last thing you would want to do is let your profile come off as spams.

Optimize your Content

What this means is for you to effectively use keywords in your social media content. Each post should contain relevant keywords within. You have to carefully select the keywords in your links, content, as well as hashtags. This strategy makes your brand to easily be found when someone searches for related keywords.

Never Ignore Quality

Having a keyword researched article is one thing; making it so valuable for your audience is another strategy that should not be ignored. The place of quality content can never be overemphasized. There is this common phrase that goes “content is king!” and indeed it is. Always ensure that your content is of great value to your audience.

Besides quality, you also need consistency. Post quality and valuable content consistently. Every content must add value, in one way or another to your audience. Your content can either be educative, entertaining or just simply informative. Whatever kinds of content you decide to produce, just ensure you are adding value, even if it’s as simple as making your audience laugh/smile.

Blend your Social and Website Presences

You have to ensure that neither your website nor social media page lacks attention. Don’t love one and ignore the other. Cultivate the habit of integrating and blending both together. You can do this by linking your social media pages to your website, and your website to your social media pages. Create content consistently around both and promote each separately. You can also configure your website to automatically share blog posts to your social media pages. That is, anytime you make a post on your website, it is also shared to your social media pages.

Grow your Followers

The next thing you would need to do is grow your followers on social media. If you are active on social media, then this is one strategy that is helpful for SMO. Having a large follower base on social media can help boost your page’s ranking. However, buying followers or likes is not the way to go about it.

Growing your followers organically is the sure way to go. It’s a slow process but still the best one yet. You do this by consistently posting engaging content on your pages.

Use External Links

As much as you can, use external links. This is an effective way to do SMO. Encourage more external links that directs back to your website. You achieve this by creating great content and sharing it as much as you can.

Have Attention-grabbing Headlines

You need to know how to frame headlines in a way that sparks curiosity enough for it to get clicked. Your title should be descriptive and also able to command attention. Whichever way you put it, just ensure that it is relevant to your content and hashtags.

Micro Blogging

This refers to very short blog posts. These usually consist of a sentence or at most three. Micro blogs are used to share information, tips, videos, images etc. there are a few sites which you can sign up to in order to create micro blogs. E.g., Tumblr, Posterous etc.

These can be used to keep up with trends on social media. You can also automatically redirect such micro blog posts to your social media pages. This helps your consistency and value-providing game. This SMO strategy also enables brand awareness and visibility.

Social Bookmarks

This is simply when you submit your website link to your social media links. These links are public and helps you network better. There are particular sites for this, such as, Reddit, Digg, Stumble upon, etc.

When you bookmark your website on any of these sites, it helps you get quality backlinks.

Create Content Worthy of Backlinks

Your posts on social media has the ability to go viral, but you must make them worthy enough. The more you create compelling content which other brands love, the more it gets shared, the more your social media page gets referred, and the more backlinks you get to both your social media pages and your website.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Benefits

There are major benefits of SMO to your business. You cannot leave any stone unturned if you want to grow your social media pages, and ultimately, website. Here are six reasons why your business needs Social Media Optimization;

  1. It promotes more customer interaction. When you have a strong and established presence on social media, it increases the rate of customer engagement on your page.
  2. It gives you the-more-visibility benefit. The more active you are on social media platforms, the more you boost your visibility.
  3. When you have an event coming up, you can disperse the information on both your website and social media pages. This allows it reach more people.
  4. It also enhances customer loyalty to your brand. You can connect and keep in touch with new and potential clients.
  5. It’s a natural way to do a market survey and get insights to the needs of your target audience. From your followers’ posts, you can have an insight to their pain points and needs.
  6. This is also a way to get feedback and know just where your brand needs improvement and some extra work. It also helps you improve your customer service.

Role of SMO in Digital Marketing

Social media optimization in digital marketing is an excellent way to get more eyes on your website. This single strategy helps increase the awareness of your products or services. If you want to succeed with your digital marketing goal, then SMO should not be left out. It also helps you better connect with your customers and handle damaging news quick enough.

SMO is a digital marketing tool which positions your brand as an authority and helps you acquire a seat of prestige in the online space. It helps your brand rank high on SERPs.

Top SMO Platform

There are a couple of platforms you can strategically use for social media optimization. The most popular and competitive are listed below. They rank first because of how effective they are, coupled with the fact they’ve been in existence for a while.

How to Improve SMO

If you want practical things to do to improve SMO across all your pages, as well as your website, then you must also apply good SEO as well. There are a few things you can do to improve SMO.

  1. Have a sound and optimized strategy.
  2. Never neglect keyword research.
  3. Ensure to optimize your profile.
  4. Optimize each content you post.
  5. Use responsive and high quality image or video

Difference Between SMO and SMM

When talking about social media in relation to digital marketing, the concepts of SMO and SMM will surely pop up more than once. And if you don’t have a sound knowledge about both of them, you will easily mistake them to be the same thing. However, from their definitions, you should have an idea that they are similar, yes, but also very different.

Social Media Optimization is the string of processes involved in optimizing your website and social media page in ways that they are all linked up together. In SMO, you get to take certain steps which brings more leads to your social media pages, and ultimately to your site.

Social Media Marketing on the other hand is a step that comes after SMO. That is, after you have successfully optimized your social media pages, the next thing on your mind should be how to market those pages. The process of actively sharing and publicizing your content on social media is what social media marketing is about. One major difference is that SMO involves on-site SEO, while SMM entails activities which are carried out off-site.

Frequently Ask Question

Why is SMO important?

SMO is important because it enhances your online presence and makes it possible for you to have an effective SMM process. It is also good for your website as well.

What are the best SMO tips for branding?

Use keywords that are relevant, use hashtags and properly research them, know the right times to post for maximum results, ensure all your social media pages carry the link to your website, create great content and include your social media page links on your website.

What are some tips to do SMO on Instagram and Facebook?

The first thing you would need to do is understand how both work. On Instagram, your primary focus should be creating great visual content and little written content while the reverse should go for Facebook.


Organic traffic for your site or social media pages is always better than buying fake likes. If you want to put in the effort to build your brand the right way, then SMO is something you have to really learn in order to bring in the desired results. Optimizing your content on social media is the way to go.

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