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White Hat SEO

Did you recently start learning about SEO and have come in contact with the term “White Hat SEO” but don’t really know much about it and how it applies to your business? Or perhaps you are still honing your digital marketing and SEO skills and need to absorb more information? If so, this article is just perfect to meet your needs.

This article covers all the fundamentals of white hat SEO that you need to know about. Before diving in, let’s define white hat SEO.

Definition of White Hat SEO

White hat SEO refers to all the correct methods used in ranking a site on search engines and search engine result pages. Just like the name implies, white hat SEO, the methods employed in ranking the site must not go against any of the regulations set for respective search engines.

While these correct methods are known to take time, they are very effective strategies that can be employed to fasten the process in order to achieve the desired results quickly. Let’s take a look at white hat SEO strategies.

White Hat SEO Strategies

Just like with general SEO tools, white hat SEO also has strategies, which are more or less tools which gives you an effective and easy experience. These strategies are what makes White Hat SEO, White Hat. These particular strategies, when followed will generate organic traffic to your site, while maintaining the integrity of your site.

There are seven of such White Hat SEO techniques or strategies;


This refers to the information contained within your website or a particular article. This is the medium through which you express your thoughts on a particular topic. Content is not restricted to written alone, but it almost always begins from that point. Without quality content, your site can’t have a top rank.

Relevant Keywords

These are words or phrases which align with your industry and content. The use of relevant keywords is an essential white hat SEO strategy. When you think of white hat SEO, keywords are always close behind. The relevant keywords are included in posts, videos, articles and whatever content that will be shared. This keywords over time will make it easy for the content to appear to the targeted audience.

Optimized Titles

Learning to optimize the titles of your articles or blog posts is yet another effective strategy in search engine optimization. What this means is that your titles must carry relevant keywords. They must also be descriptive and catchy.


This is the external use of links in reference back to your website. The more your site gets referenced, the more Google perceives your site as an authority in that industry, and subsequently, the higher you rank.

Fast Page Response

The ability of your site to respond quickly when clicked or interacted with is also a strategy for this SEO type. This also includes the quick loading of pages. If visitors do not have issues interacting with your user interface, it gets you in Google’s hypothetical good books.

Simple Onsite Navigation

Just like the friendly interface strategy, you need to ensure that everything on your site is simplified enough for your visitors’ use. Your site must be easy to navigate from one page to another.

Best Techniques for White Hat SEO

There is no one rule of thumb technique that works best for white hat SEO as they all work together. However, if you are seeking the best ways where your site can thrive in a positive way, then the best technique would be to entirely avoid Black Hat SEO. And for this to happen, then you must stay away from techniques like keyword stuffing, repeating or duplicating content, broken or irrelevant backlinks etc.

If you are looking for one exact technique which bears the tag ‘technique of the year’, then unfortunately, there is none. But creating content of great quality is a great place to start.

Importance of White Hat SEO

Why it is white hat SEO important? Well for one, this is the right way to do search engine optimization for businesses and websites. This helps engines like Google determine what sites deserve to be on the front page. And if you have been putting in the work, then your website can also appear on the first SERP of Google. Of course, this will help boost the visibility of your site and also generate more traffic.

Advantages of White Hat SEO

One wonderful thing about using White Hat SEO is that when Google decides to run updates to improve their algorithm, it would not negatively affect your website but it would if you use black hat SEO for your site’s traffic.

Other advantages of White Hat SEO include;

  1. Improved ranking on SERPs.
  2. It saves you more money than you spend on ads.
  3. Enhances customer satisfaction and interaction.
  4. It also keeps your website out of harm or suspension when Google runs an update.
  5. When users notice your good content and interact there often, it benefits Google by making even more use the search engine, and of course, Google rewards you in some way.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a methodology used by SEO experts and digital marketers in order to find the relevant keywords used in a particular industry. This, as the name implies, involves a research procedure.

Quality Content

Quality content refers to your ability, as blogger, to create top-notch content. These content can be in any format; as long as it is original, has the appropriate length, is error free, readable and relevant to your target audience, it could pass for a quality content.

On Page SEO

These refer to SEO activities which are carried out on the website itself. There are a couple of things you can do to optimize your website right there. Things like; optimizing your profile, optimizing content and titles etc.

Build BackLink

This is simply the use of links both within and outside your website and articles. The best way, however, to get backlinks to your site is by earning them. How this works is this; the more relevant content you create, the more people find it helpful or interesting, and the more they share the links to your website or article.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to a set of processes which ensures that your website meets the technical requirements as stated by search engines. These processes include; crawling, rendering, website design etc. if you are not a techy person, it is best to have an expert help you set it up.

User Experience

Whatever you do on your site, your one goal should be to see that your visitors have an amazing user experience. Think of this as the expected friendly customer service of your online business or website.

Mobile Friendly Page

The pages of your website must be mobile friendly. What this means is that your on site visitors must be able to access your site from a mobile device. Stats reveal that most people access web pages from their mobile devices. Your website must be mobile friendly or risk it getting lost amidst millions of other websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is White Hat SEO legal?

There are no legal backings to White Hat SEO. However, it remains the proper way to do SEO for your website.

What are White Hat SEO Benefits?

White Hat SEO has many advantages. A prominent one is that it improves your site’s visibility and ranking.

What is White Hat SEO Backlink?

This refers to links that have been created off-site, and which helps drive more traffic to your site.


White Hat SEO is excellent for organic traffic and growth of your website. It is a technique definitely worth the shot. Your business or website is just one step away from growing. Try White Hat SEO and you’d be glad you did.

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